Shooty Shooty Fun Time

A wacky 1v1 FPS made in Unity


Shooty Shooty fun time is a game I'm currently working on in Unity by myself. The game is currently very unfinished with terrible programmer art by me. The premise of the game is you're on a japanese game show where the goal is to shoot your enemy in the face. Each round, the way you do this changes randomly. Each round has a game mode, like a parkour race or a football match and a modifier like low gravity or teleportation. Every round any of these combinations are possible leading to interesting gameplay that's always changing.

I really like the premise and gameplay of this idea because it gives me a heap of freedom to really explore whatever types of gameplay I want. E.g. you would never really see a parkour race being casually chucked into an FPS. It's also a great first unity project because of how broad the gameplay is I'm learning a heap of techniques that I wouldn't otherwise look into.

I brought a demo to the local IGDA meetup which got really positive feedback, someone even said it was fun which is usually a good sign. I also got a loooooot of things that people struggled with or didn't like from watching people play the game which is good.

  • ??? 2016