Indie game:

The game


Indie Game: The Game or IGTG was the first big project I ever worked on. It's a game about managing an indie game studio (so meta) where you start from your studio in a dumpster and eventually make enough money to rule the world. You have to deal with managing money and keeping employees happy by feeding them burgers. It was heavily inspired by games like FTL and (obviously) Game Dev Story.

We (Johnny B, Kristen Y) started making it around April 2014 at AIE. It was made as the final group project for the game development short course we were doing. After we finished the course, I continued working on it on and off (mostly off) until around June 2015.

It's not finished, and will probably never be finished as working on it became kind of a chore. I tried to put a lot of personality into it and tried to make it into something that I wanted to play but the game just really wasn't that fun. It ended up being pretty boring clicking simulator. But that didn't really matter, making it was a whole lot of fun and I learned a lot.

It was one of my first times working in a team on something other than school work and it was so much fun bouncing ideas and coming up with cool things to do in the game. It was also heaps of fun working with outside people like Greg S who did voices for the employees in the game as well as Zigauche who made the background music.

If I had to do it again I'd definitely plan and prototype it out more. The only reason we went with the idea is because we couldn't really think of anything else and we had to do something for the project. We also never really checked if our core mechanic was actually fun or refined it very much.

  • June 2015